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What We Do?

Our mission is to circumvent your normal way of pursuing debtors.  With the ever-changing laws pertaining to collection practices creditors are now pursuing these matter through litigation.   With legal fees and expenses adding up quickly, the cost of doing things this way can make a once difficult debt for a person to pay become all that much more difficult.  We reach out to your clients directly and try to find a solution that works for both parties.  In some cases in which that just isn't possible we use all means available to us to get the results you need.

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To make your past due accounts pay.  While dealing with the consumer respectfully and listening to  their situation, so that together we can help them get back on track while getting your past due balances cleared.


Our vision is to help people help themselves.  Our trained staff will communicate their situation and the likely outcome if we cant agree on a solution.  Together we can reach our goals and help your consumers get back on track financially by clearing up their debts.

John McMichael

CEO / Founder

Through his vision we have been able to build a solid base of creditors and have led the industry in getting sound results.